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30 December 2006 @ 06:39 pm
honey, i'm home! :) so, breakfast was had and shower done. storage bins, light bulbs, cat litter and cat treats bought at target. gift card purchased at toys 'r us (now i just need to get it in the mail!). um, then the trouble started. i walked in the door at dillards. shoes i saw were just meh, although i did find a pair of uggs i want and will start finding the best price in a little bit. but on my way out, damn them for product placement, i saw the coach purse counter.

i have been coveting since september coach's chelsea optic hobo in the chocolate brown and tannish color. it's been sold out on their website for a while now and about the only place you can find them (but bend over for it) is on ebay. well... i went all around the counter, not seeing anything, and was just about to turn and walk out the door, when *GASP* i spotted a lone purse on a self. THE CHELSEA OPTIC!!!! i think i may have peed just a little when i spotted it.

patiently i stood at the counter, trying to cover the glass with my body as much as possible so that no one else could see it. finally someone came to help me. i couldn't speak. i could only point and jab. she smiled at me in a way of understanding and acknowledging what i had discovered. slowly she brought the purse out of the case and set it on the counter for me.


i am a label whore. i freely admit it.

there was no need for any further discussion. i began throwing credit cards at her. mine, mine, mine...

lol... the $100 gift card from work went on it first. the rest on my debit. um, hello zappos? shoes are being sent back to you so start crediting my bank account for those. :)

i did also go over to sports authority. found the hiking boots i bought online and tried on a half size smaller. much better except i still think they are going back and not to be exchanged. i'm pretty sure i still have a pair that can last me another year or so and i'll find out for sure when i start sorting out crap in my closet. i did find a pair of sweat pants but i'm not about to pay $40 (um, hello??? you just dropped over $300 on a purse... but you can't spend $40 on sweat pants????) so i put them back on the rack and walked out.

now i'm just having a bite to eat and will start getting at least one load put together to get over to goodwill. i'm not sure if they are open tomorrow and i need to make sure i get my annual charitable donation receipt from them. not that i don't have other charities i've done this year but you gotta have that one - it's an easy write off.

once i drop off that first load i'll mosey over to bed bath and beyond.....
30 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Life as an Iraqi.


You can randomly choose entires, the story is much the same across the years this blog has been added to.

And no, I still don't support death penalties, in any circumstance. Far better for him to rot in a cell for decades so that he can ponder for a very long time what he did. Now thats hell. All that is accomplished with his death is the creation of a martyr. Have no doubt, the man was an evil, brutal tyrant who terrorized, killed, maimed his own people, however those looking for a cause will forget such things.

21 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Well, it'd appear my mom's hoped for arrival in time for my sister's childbirth hasn't worked out, shes probably just into Botswana now, and my sister had her daughter last night. Malia Simphiwe has arrived! A nice, easy birth, and hopefully, Ill have some pictures soon. :-)
21 December 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Let me just say that the beef jerky I bought from ronsrants is addictive!

the stuff you get in most stores is crap, so I haven't had any in years. But his cock jerky is awesome!

....... I might have to take some to work with me.. for a snack.

LOL I hope you are making more, Ron!
21 December 2006 @ 06:10 pm
truffles and normalcy. mm...

i'm at my brother's right now. played with my nieces, dy and kaela, the entire afternoon and stared at 3-month-old Bono for a few minutes.

Dy, who's two, is so cute i want to gobble her up! heheh. i uploaded a picture of her. find my multiply account. she's the perfect little girl. well, she's not that little anymore.

the food here's great too. my sister-in-law is a pretty good cook. the talented cooke. hahah. get it? she's a little insane... heheh. makes our lives interesting. she gave me clothes too and some were from mango and topshop, the happiest places on earth.

oh, we had dinner at the manila hotel last sunday. my other sister-in-law was telling me this story about dash, her two-year-old. gelo, my little brother, was taunting him and being his usual obnoxious self and then dash said the funniest thing...



kids say the funniest things.


i realized that i've missed my oldest kuya. i used to spend every christmas here... and then i grew up. i was reading a magazine when he came home and he gave me a peck on the forehead and said, "oi! hey little sister..."

i don't know... i'm just being sentimental.


"i'll wear anything that fits and doesn't chafe." ~sandee

hahah, how i love you.